free 5 day challenge April 2019

FREE 5-day challenge

Bring More Full-Fee Clients Into Your Practice

Kicked off with a bonus online workshop on: MONDAY, APRIL 22ND 9 PACIFIC, 12 EASTERN

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During This FREE Challenge You'll Learn How To:

  • Bring in your next 5 to 10 full-fee clients 
  • Market your therapy practice without feeling pushy
  • Network to get quality referrals
  • Create an online strategy rather than feeling scattered

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About Annie

Annie has been a business coach and consultant for therapists for 8 years. She's had her own successful therapy practice for over 15 years. She's the founder of The Superpower Method For TherapistsĀ® and the host of the podcast Therapist Clubhouse.  

Annie Schuessler therapist and business coach